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Residential VPS is a leading worldwide VPS provider. We build our own infrastructure for Residential VPS in multiple cities in the USA. Our infrastructure builds with the latest hardware and is connected with top-class ISP such as Comcast Xfinity, AT&T, Century Link, Spectrum and Verizon in the USA.

Server infrastructure built with Intel E5-269X processors, dedicated RAM and NVME SSD. Residential VPS is like having a personal desktop PC in the USA. The Cloud Desktop/VPS from connected to the internet over 100 Mbps Connection, with an extremely fast internet connection you can work on Remote Desktop, with no delay due to your slow and unreliable local internet connection.

Your Cloud Desktop VPS will be running 24/7, and you may log in and work on it from anywhere, even with a smartphone. For USA Survey and outsourcing Jobs, A Residential VPS with a residential IP address will be the best choice for you. The IP Address is dedicated. It is only for your Cloud PC and not shared with anyone else.

Residential IP Locations

Choose from our 20+ residential IP locations in the USA. Your VPS will have a dedicated, authentic Residential IP, connected to an ISP that is available at that location.

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